Do you have a Gap?

You work hard during your life and believe the investments you’ve accumulated along the way will support you in your retirement.  However it’s often not until you reach 45- 50 years old (or later) that you stop and start to question whether you will have enough to retire and live the lifestyle you want.  You then realise that maybe you don’t and start to panic that you may not have left enough time to build the assets you need.  Sound familiar?

Or worse still, you don’t know how much will be enough!

Unfortunately we see this all too often, but don’t worry Initiative to the rescue.

All our staff at Initiative have undertaken their own personal analysis for their ‘gap’ ie the difference between what they will have at retirement and what they will need to retire.  That’s why we’re so passionate about why it’s so important for you, as we live and breathe what we use in our own day to day lives.  We understand that it’s never too early to start building your nest egg for your retirement and just as importantly how to structure this to minimise tax.

We recently had a new client ask us to review their progress towards retirement.  After we asked a few simple questions we were able to advise the client that unfortunately they had a ‘gap’ between what they needed to retire and what they currently were on target to achieve.  We then set about providing a tailored solution to address the ‘gap’ in assets to ensure our client is going to be able to retire in comfort.

So what’s you’re ‘gap’ and do you have a way to close it?  If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time you gave us a call.

Kim Jay CA – Director