Secrets to success

Here at Initiative, we believe in keeping it simple.

Smart strategies

Base your financial decisions on sound principles with proven outcomes.

Structured, systematic approach

Minimise your tax with smart strategies and make effective use of cash-flow. Look at ways of making the most of your Superannuation.


With structured and systematic approaches, things can take care of themselves which can take a lot of the pressure off. Overcome anything that presents itself as a reason for failure and then, take action.

1. A lack of information to draw in, or too much information to wade through!
2. Leaving their financial planning enquiries too late
3. Distraction from the ‘bigger picture’
4. Procrastination
5. Looking for the ‘Magic’ or ‘Overnight solution.’
6. Their priorities lie elsewhere
7. Lack of confidence in their ability to understand simple finance structures
8. Getting too easily frustrated about why their own way never works out
9. Complacency about ever taking any action
10. Not seeking specialist help and guidance

1. Spend less money than you earn!
2. Invest a significant amount of the difference in good quality growth assets.
3. Make it a priority to own your own home
4. Manage your borrowings wisely
5. Secure an investment property
6. Have smart superannuation strategies in place
7. Build a healthy and professionally managed share portfolio
9. Protect your family with the right combination of insurances

What we say we want:

  • Nearly want to succeed financially
  • Nearly want to achieve financial independence
  • We typically rank financial success as one of our top 3 goals in life

What actually happens:

  • 90% Of us never reach our financial goals
  • 80% Of us retire with less than $100,000 in investment assets
  • 10% Of us retire with between $100,000 and $500,000 in investment assets
  • Only 10% of us retire with the ideal scenario of more that $500,000 in investment assets