HECS Rebate

Did you know there are HECS-HELP benefits for taking up particular courses?

The HECS-HELP benefit provides an incentive for graduates of particular courses to take up related occupations or work in specified locations by reducing:

     • compulsory HELP repayments or

     • HELP debt


The fields of study which qualify are:

Mathematics, statistics or science

Education, nursing or midwifery

Early childhood education

The benefit works by providing a rebate to graduates once they are working in the specified field and are required to make compulsory repayments to HECS.  Compulsory repayments start once a graduates’ income has reached the repayment income threshold, in the 2015-2016 year this is $54,126 and above.

The benefit is based on number of days working in their applicants chosen field.  The rebate may be up to $1,918.39 depending on the number of days worked and the course taken.

Time limits do apply from the end of the income year for which you are applying, to lodge your application. For example, applications for the 2013-14 income year must reach us by 30 June 2016.

Eligible graduates may apply for the HECS-HELP benefit on an annual basis for a total lifetime claim of 260 weeks. The claim does not need to be for a continuous period. The number of weeks claimed each year is subtracted from the 260 weeks until the entitlement is reduced to nil.

To apply a form must be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office.  Please don’t hesitate to contact our office should you require assistance or more information regarding the HECS-HELP rebate.

Gillian Holzberger – Senior Accountant