Life is good, you have plenty of friends, a secure income, you now have several assets and you’re enjoying socialising and occasional holidays.

We can show you why this is the prime period to kick start your wealth creation, grow your assets and generate passive income sources for the years ahead, still without dramatically affecting your lifestyle.

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Couples financial advice and accounting with Initiative on the Sunshine Coast

Our Client’s Success Story

Our clients, Don & Elizabeth (both in their mid 40’s), have had good intentions for some period of time to get ahead financially. While they both have a secure income and have established some equity with their home, they were still concerned how they would plan their retirement and more importantly how they would fund their retirement.

With this focus in mind, Initiative were able to provide a secure strategy that would allow Don and Elizabeth to pay off their home loan quicker as well as establish other secure growth assets to fund their retirement. This strategy evolved through our ‘Pathway to Wealth’ offering which highlights the need to set up secure investments in a range of growth assets to provide a balanced portfolio and thereby provide minimal risk exposure. Our recommendations included investment properties, superannuation, debt recycling… just to name a few.

Initiative’s strategy was specifically tailored for Don and Elizabeth after listening to our clients’ needs. This ensured the plan had flexibility for unforeseen events and also took into consideration all of Don and Elizabeth’s requirements.

As a result of our discussions, Initiative also revealed that Don and Elizabeth did not have adequate insurance to protect their assets should unforeseen events occur. With this in mind we recommend Don and Elizabeth also consider taking out insurance to protect the assets that they had worked so hard for. This was met with gratitude from our clients as they had both assumed they were adequately covered.

Initiative’s strategy for Don and Elizabeth is now seeing results for our clients who previously put their retirement planning in the ‘too hard basket’. Initiative are contintuing to work together with Don and Elizabeth to monitor their progress and to make changes to their plan as the need arises.