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Changes to Investment Property Deductions

For those clients who own an investment property, you may be aware there have been a few changes in legislation during the year. This may limit the amount of tax deductions and therefore how negatively geared…..

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Debt Recycling

As you may know, the interest costs on your home loan are non-deductible expenses. Debt recycling is a way to recycle the non-deductible debt from your home loan into tax-deductible debt. The earnings for this debt recycling strategy can even allow you to pay off……

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ATO controversy?

A new report released earlier this month has found ‘unusual’ tax practices being adopted by various multinationals who are currently providing outsourcing services to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

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Builders, GST and Sales Contracts

From 1 July 2018 there’s been major changes to the way the ATO collect GST from the sale of new homes. If you’re a home builder who constructs and sells new homes, then these changes will have an impact….

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What’s in a name?

Do you operate a business that trades under a business name? If you do and you haven’t registered that name, then the new legislation affects you.
Anyone who operates a business knows how valuable a business name can be. Therefore, it makes sense……

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Recent changes in the Realm of Liquidation

There have been some major changes recently that may alter the outcome if a business was to enter voluntary administration.

The first change is the introduction of ‘Safe Harbour’. The idea of the new safe harbour provision is to protect the directors of companies that go into……

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