Kids… we love them! But, as any parents can tell you, the enjoyment of having them around changes the focus of a lot of things in life; it’s all about them.

But, there are smart ways to have it all! We can intrigue you with a clever budget to balance the complexity of your finances, together with a sound financial plan to secure your financial goals and objectives.

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Family financial advice and accounting with Initiative on the Sunshine Coast

Our Clients’ Success Story

David and Tamara (both is their late 30’s with 2 children) initially approached Initiative due to their dissatisfaction with their current financial adviser. They felt their current adviser was not providing adequate guidance or undertaking regular reviews. As a result they thought they were underinsured and knew that their advisers fees were eroding what little superannuation they possessed.

After Initiative met with David and Tamara we discovered our clients ultimate goals were to purchase an investment property, establish a savings plan for their children and to ideally retire at age 60.

David and Tamara considered themselves financially comfortable, however they didn’t believe they were ‘getting ahead’, as they lacked financial goals to work towards. To help David and Tamara achieve their identified priorities and objectives, Initiative recommended various strategies which included a global limit lending facility and reinvesting salary increases to name a few.

After Initiative’s review of David and Tamara’s existing finances it was discovered their superannuation was not invested according to their risk profile. As a result Initiative recommended a different strategy to compliment the growth phase our client required.

Our engagement also included a review of our clients insurance. This had a two fold effect of giving our clients peace of mind about their insurance while also identifying they were in fact under insured….not over insured as they initially thought.

David and Tamara feel very comfortable in the knowledge they now have a full understanding of their financial situation. Initiative have helped develop clear goals and a strategy for David and Tamara, and more importantly a plan for how these will be achieved.