Xero Tip of the Month – Recoding

Find and recode multiple transaction lines at once. Accounts, tax rates, contacts, and tracking can be edited. 

  • Recode contacts, accounts, tax rates, and tracking on transaction lines
  • Recode transaction lines across multiple transactions at once
  • Recode transaction lines on the source transaction or by using a manual journal

Recoding can result in significant changes to accounts and reports and therefore only users who have the Adviser role can recode. Please contact us to assist you with any recoding requirements.

Common recoding scenarios include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Changing the tax rate
  • Cleaning up contacts when there are variations of a contact name
  • Combining/changing accounts
  • Adding or changing tracking

Supported transactions

  • Spend money (reconciled, unreconciled, and marked as reconciled)
  • Receive money (reconciled, unreconciled, and marked as reconciled)
  • Prepayments (unpaid, paid, reconciled, and unreconciled)
  • Sales invoices, repeating invoices, and credit notes (all statuses)
  • Bills, repeating bills, bill credit notes (all statuses)

For further information and assistance with Recoding in Xero, please contact this office at your convenience.

Janenne Poulter – Client Services Manager