Did you know…..??

Did you know…..??

Like you, our clients, Initiative also has to meet specific lodgement targets with the ATO.
These targets are reported to us by the ATO and outline our performance for the year. The
most important thing to our tax agent status is our clients’ lodgement performance.

Part of our role as your accountant is to ensure you lodge your tax returns on time each
year. The Tax Office requires we achieve an 85% or more of on time lodgements each year.
With the 2017-year lodgement date finally closed, the good news is that we’ve achieved the
over 85% target and as a result, this has helped over 85% of our clients lodge their tax
returns on time.

Therefore, we’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to you, our clients, for working with us to
accomplish this achievement. We do appreciate your timely responses to our queries, the
provision of your tax documents before the due dates, the return of any required
paperwork, the acknowledgement of our lodgement reminders and your willingness to hunt
down those elusive final documents. We also appreciate you making contact with us when
you’re having difficulty meeting a lodgement deadline.

The ATO use the above rating to determine which accounting practices have good practice
management. With Initiative exceeding the 85% on time lodgement benchmark, it shows
the ATO we are diligent and pro-active with our clients and that we have a great
relationship with you, our clients.


Author: Kim Jay