Xero Tip of the Month – Repeating Invoice or Bill

Xero makes dealing with repeating invoices or bills easy.

Rather than creating a new invoice or bill each time for a regular customer or supplier you can use Xero’s repeating invoice or bill feature to do the work for you. 

Enter details for a sales invoice you send, or bill that you receive on a regular basis. Xero will automatically create, save and even email invoices to customers for you, according to the template you set up. You can choose to have invoices or bills appear on either the Draft or Awaiting Payment tab on the recurring date you’ve set them up to generate. All you’ll need to do is complete the process: approve them if they’re Draft, and pay or reconcile them if they’re Awaiting Payment.



You can create a new repeating sales invoice or bill template in several different ways:

  • Click the New Repeating Invoice or New Repeating Bill button on the Repeating tab.
  • Select the ‘New Repeating Invoice’ option from the New Invoicebutton or ‘New Repeating Bill’ option from the New Bill button from other tabs in Sales or Purchases.
  • From a contact details screen, select ‘New Repeating Sales Invoice’ or ‘New Repeating Bill’ from the + New button to create a new repeating template for that contact.
  • Use an existing invoice or bill of any status as the basis for a repeating template. Open the invoice or bill and select ‘Repeat’ from the Invoice Options drop-down.

Notes about repeating invoices and bills:

  • Xero will automatically assign invoice numbers for sales invoices, just as when creating an individual invoice.
  • All fields are mandatory except End Date and Reference. If the invoice or bill details are likely to vary for each one, enter text or numbers as placeholders and update to the final date, amount or description before approving or sending it.
  • You can to bills when you edit an instance of a repeating bill, but not when you set up the repeating bill template. If you’re creating a repeating bill from one with an attachment, the attachment won’t be copied to the repeating bill.

Janenne Poulter – Client Services Manager