Xero Tip of the Month – Dashboard Highlights

Here are six key overviews to lookout for on the Xero home dashboard:

1. Charts in the Invoices Owed to You dashboard:

Click on the bars for each chart in this section of the home dashboard to view underlying detail of transactions. From the information in this area, you can find out which customers to contact about overdue invoices. There’s also a shortcut to add a new sales invoice.

2. Overdue Bills in the Bills You Need to Pay dashboard:

Drill down through the Bills You Need to Pay dashboard to the Awaiting Payment tab to review bills that need to be paid.

3. The bank accounts graph:

Hover over this graph to see bank balances in real-time. Blue is a positive balance and red is a negative balance.

4. The Account Watchlist:

Click on this area for a snapshot of the monthly and year-to-date balances of accounts you want to keep an eye on.

5. Items to reconcile:

Under the Bank Accounts column on the left of the screen, if you can see a blue Reconcile Items button, it shows the number of transactions in Xero that need to be reconciled. Click on the button to access the Reconcile screen.

6. Total cash in and cash out:

Hover over the blue (cash in) and grey (cash out) bar chart to see monthly differences, for the previous six months.

Janenne Poulter – Client Services Manager