Who has control of your Company File?

Do you have an accounting Software to record your day to day income and expenses for the year?

If so, please have a look at who the owner of your Xero/Quickbooks/MYOB file is!

It is important that the owner of the business is the owner of the Software file and it isn’t under the
Bookkeeper/Accounts Employee name.

You never know what is around the corner and even if your bookkeeper does everything for you,
what happens when you have a falling out and they leave and refuse to hand over your file? Or
worse they have access to your file and are able to do any of the following without you knowing:

  1. Log into your file and fabricate some invoices, changed bank account details to themselves
    and your customers will pay them directly into your ex employee/ex Bookkeeper
  2. Pay super directly from your file into their super account (as most Software’s directly pay
    from your bank account)

Do yourself a favour and make sure you check the subscriptions and billing details and make sure
that you are in control of your own file.


Natasa Briffa