Where are you in the Game of Money…?

At Initiative, we use an analogy called the Game of Money with our clients to help describe the different stages of a person’s financial life.

The majority of people rank financial success as one of their top three goals or values, along with health and family.  But here’s the contradiction – 90% of people fail to achieve even modest wealth.  Most of our clients say they would love to have their family home paid off with a nice nest-egg to enjoy in retirement – but they don’t know how to get there.  The reality is that most Australians fall short of achieving their financial goals.  The Game of Money was created as a communication tool to help simplify your financial journey. 

Following is a simple overview of how the Game of Money works:

With the Game of Money we use the four bases of a baseball diamond as a way of describing the various stages of your financial journey.

Most people start off with no direction, no plan and no strategy. Our aim is to get them to take action and move off the batting plate to go to First Base.

At First Base we build PERFECT Foundations.  Just like a good building’s foundations are solid, we do the same with our clients’ financial foundations.

Second Base is all about kick starting wealth accumulation and getting your home paid off.

Third Base is for those clients who have paid off (or are close to paying off) the family home and have accumulated some nest-egg assets outside the family home.

Most of our clients have a goal to retire in style with full financial freedom.  Retiring in style is what we think of as our home run, but to get to Home Base you first have to go through each of the other bases that will provide solid financial foundations and strategies to produce the results you need.

So where are you in the Game of Money?  If you would like to know, or more importantly you want to know how to WIN the Game of Money, please contact our office on 5437 8888 for an obligation free discussion.

Game of Money Video

James Mulhearn CA – Director