Super Guarantee Amnesty – Are you staying compliant?

By the end of the superannuation guarantee amnesty, 24,000 employers came forward resulting in roughly $588 billion dollars in super owed to employees across Australia.

Those who qualified for the Amnesty (which closed to new applicants 7 September 2020) were able to avoid hefty admin fees and penalties. But did you know there are ongoing compliance obligations that need to be upheld in order to maintain your eligibility?

To remain eligible, you needed to have done one of the following:

  1. Paid all outstanding amounts owed in full; or
  2. Entered into a formal payment arrangement and met each ongoing instalment amount by the due date

The ATO has commenced sending letter reminders to clients who have not done either of the above. You will have 21 days from the date of your letter to either pay the balance owing or enter into an arrangement. You do not have to wait for a letter to maintain your compliance.

If you receive a letter disqualifying you from the amnesty, you will be charged the administration component of $20 per employee for each quarter of unpaid super. The ATO may also apply Part 7 penalties. You will be notified in writing and receive amended assessment notices including new charges payable.

If you believe you may not currently be compliant, or you are not sure, please contact our office and we can assist with checking and setting up a payment arrangement for you.



Kate Lindquist