Reverse Unfair Tax Cuts

According to the Greens published tax statement, everyone should pay their fair share of tax in order to contribute to a fairer, more equal society. This is based on the notion that taxes pay for the things we all need, like schools, hospitals, public transport and infrastructure. The Greens believe no one should be above contributing to a fairer society for all of us.

The Greens propose to reverse the tax cuts given to top income earners and big business (businesses with turnover greater than $10 million). They believe the current company tax cuts for banks and mining companies do nothing to help ordinary Australians. Instead they consider these tax cuts (in association with Australia’s dividend imputation system) will only benefit foreign investors.

Under the Greens, the company tax rates would be reversed back to 30% and this increased government wealth would be reinvested into public services to benefit the whole of society.


Kim Jay