QBCC: Fact Sheet on the Former BSA

Early December 2013 saw the arrival of a new regulatory body for the building industry in Queensland; The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) officially replaces the Building Service Authority (BSA). The QBCC monitors the building industry with the aim of improving standards and instilling confidence in the industry.

You can continue to operate under your current BSA licence and upon your next renewal a new QBCC licence will be issued. All renewal dates and licence classes will remain the same.

Unsure whether you need a licence?

In Queensland, a QBCC licence must be held by an individual or company when any building work valued over $3,300 is undertaken. This threshold is reduced to $1,000 if the work involves hydraulic services design. Additionally, building work of any value required a licence if it involves drainage, gas fitting, plumbing, drainage, fire and termite protection, site classification, building design as well as residential building inspections.

Renewing your licence?

As licence holders would be aware, certain financial requirements need to be met in order to maintain a particular category of licence. If your licence category is less than $300,000 you can self-assess your financial criteria and renew your licence directly with the QBCC. Categories over $300,000, however, require an independent review which Initiative prepares on your behalf.

Don’t cancel, keep it!

Even if your decide to leave the state, country or even the industry, the QBCC offers an option where you can retain your licence at a lower category level without the need to cancel it. This means should you decide to return and re-commence working within the industry, you don’t have to re-apply for a new licence.

Should you have any queries regarding whether you require a QBCC licence, or require an independent review done, please contact us for more information.