Pathway to Wealth Seminar Recently Held

Earlier this month Initiative Group presented our popular ‘Pathway to Wealth’ seminar for our clients.  The seminar was very interactive and engaging, and was deemed a great success with more than 40 of our clients attending.

We were fortunate enough to have as our guest speaker Rob McGregor, Director and Co-Founder of GPS Wealth, presenting the seminar.  During the presentation we covered the following:

• 10 reasons why people don’t achieve financial success

• 8 steps to achieving wealth

• 4 keys to a successful wealth plan


We also presented a real life client case study showing how simple it can be to create an extra $1 million in 15 years using the Pathway to Wealth program.

The Pathway to Wealth program was designed to provide clients with a simple, structured and successful way of reducing ‘bad’ debt and building net wealth for their retirement.  Importantly the program also takes advantage of all available tax benefits and allows clients to pay off their home loans far earlier than they ever thought possible, whilst building wealth at the same time.  Each clients’ program is individually tailored based on their desired financial outcome, timeframe and level of comfort.

We currently have many clients using this program who are all well on their way to a successful financial future.  The consistent feedback we get from our clients is how simple they find the process to follow once it is structured correctly.   Most importantly, they can then go about enjoying their lives in confidence that they have taken positive action for their future.  As we often say, it is all about our clients enjoying exciting lives with boring money, rather than the other way around!

If you weren’t able to attend our seminar, or would simply like to know a bit more about the Pathway to Wealth program, please give us a call. 

James Mulhearn CA – Director