No, you can’t claim that!

Have you ever wondered what some of the more unusual tax deduction requests are? Trust me, we’ve heard a few. Obviously we’ve kept names out of the below (for legal reasons).

One client asked if he could claim the cost of his haircut as a tax deduction. After listening to his reasoning that because his hair grew while he was at work, he considered this would be deductible, we politely advised this was a definite no.

On another occasion a client wanted to claim the cost of his jet ski as he argued he needed this to be able to get to and from work….even though he worked on Minyama Island in a desk job. We had to explain why this couldn’t be claimed as a tax deduction.

While I’m definitely a dog lover, I also drew the line at the cost of a guard dog (guarding an employees tools) being deductible especially when the said guard dog was a chihuahua. While these little guys can be protective, it wasn’t an expense that can be claimed.

Last, but not least, a client advised she was required to have a lovely smile in her job, so was most upset when her request for dental work and teeth whitening was rejected.

The above is only a very small handful of what we see and hear everyday. So if you ever have any doubts about what you can and can’t claim….you now know nothing that you ask will surprise us.



Kim Jay