Initiative’s Story

This month saw Initiative celebrate its 20th birthday. From its humble beginnings in Moffat Beach in 2003, Initiative has now been around for 20 years thanks to you!

In 2003 James Mulhearn started ‘Taxsolve’ In a small office in Moffat Beach. He previously practiced as a radiographer and then retrained to become an Accountant. From the humble beginnings, the office quickly out grew this office and then moved to slightly larger premises at Park Place, Caloundra in 2005.

In 2007, Kim Jay came on board and the office had grown to 4 people. Once again, Initiative had outgrown its office, so it moved into Omrah Street, Caloundra. We now had 5 staff!

In the interim years, Kim gained her Chartered Accountants qualification in anticipation for buying a slice of Taxsolve. Then in 2011, Taxsolve rebranded into ‘Initiative’ (who we are today) and moved to Lake Kawana Boulevard, Birtinya (albeit into an office on the 2nd floor).

Finally, in 2012, Kim started buying into Initiative. It took until 2017 for her to buy 100% of the practice. However, before becoming the sole owner, as normally happens, the tax legislation had changed. It now meant Accountants could no longer advise on anything
Superannuation related without further training and education.

So, it was decided James would cease any tax/accounting work and would re-train to become a Financial Advisor and we would split Initiative into two. Initiative Financial Planners was now born. Kim would gain further qualifications to become a Financial Advisor (with a limited scope of only being able to advise about Self Managed Superfunds) and continue to provide Accounting and Self Managed Super advice.

In 2017, Kim woke one morning and decided it was time she (and Bruce of course) owned 100% of Initiative. Negotiations began with James. Kim sold James her share of Initiative Financial Planners and James sold Kim his share of Initiative Accounting. We were now two
separate identities with two separate owners. However due to having mutual clients, on the outside, we continued to work as one.

Over the years, we have seen a few staff come and go. However our philosophy has stayed the same…..provide the best service and make the complicated simple. We have truly amazing clients who trust us everyday. We don’t take this responsibility lightly and we hope that you also enjoy being part of our Initiative family.

In the office today, we have a very talented and dedicated team. Emma, Natasa, Peta, Naomi, Linda, Lynne, May and Gail….all do a wonderful job in helping keep Initiative’s heart beating!

Thank you!



Kim Jay