Home Based Business Grants

On 24th August 2015 the Queensland Government released a new Grant for stay at home parents to establish or grow home based businesses.

This new Grant has been established to support stay at home parents make their business a success, while keeping a healthy balance between work and family.

The Grant offers funding (up to $5,000) to successful applicants in two stages.  Stage 1 of the Grant offers up to $2,500 to engage a consultant for professional advice to help establish or develop a home based business.  While Stage 2 of the Grant provides funding (dollar for dollar) up to $2,500 to make improvements or establish the business as detailed in the action plan developed at Stage 1.

The eligibility criteria for the Grant includes: 

  • operating a business from home 
  • having at least 1 child under 12 in your care
  • being an Australian resident

This Grant is only available for a limited time, so please feel free to give me a call on 07 5437 8888 to see if you’re eligible for the above.


Kim Jay CA – Director