Customer Focused Xero

I was fortunate to attend the Xero roadshow in Maroochydore recently.

Is it any wonder that the Xero software is proving so popular with the business community when it is being developed by a business that listens to its customers and takes every opportunity to interact with them.  They proactively let the customers know what is in their development pipeline and actually ask what improvements we would like included in the software.  I understand that they can’t do everything at once, and there is the old adage that you can’t please all the people all the time, particularly when there is such a diverse range of users.  However it is refreshing to see that their software development is based on our needs and not limited by what they think the customer wants.

I could talk about the convenience of cloud based access, or the ease of bank reconciliations or issuing quotes and invoices, or the quick payment methods when supplier and customer are both on Xero, or how our clients actually phone and let us know they “enjoy” using Xero, and believe me there are plenty more reasons why you should use Xero. 

But for me it is all about Xero’s focus on their customer. The roadshow was instructive of how we can improve our business by using their product, ensuring we know about the features of their product, and introducing some of their approved “add-on” suppliers that enhance the use of Xero.

Having a “customer focus” is often put forward by businesses as why their business performs as it does – no matter where it sits in the bell curve of performance.

Some businesses import product hoping the market will like it and sell well.  I suggest we take the hope out of it and ask our customers.   Otherwise if your business is not truly customer focused, a business like Xero might arrive in your industry and throw a cat amongst the pigeons.

We at Initiative are also enjoying using Xero and a number of add-ons to provide detailed analysis for our clients.

We welcome you to phone for a free consultation as to how we can add value to your business.