Beware of ATO scams

The ATO have released information on what to look for when receiving any communication that is purported to be sent by the ATO.  There have been numerous new scams during March, that taxpayers need to be wary of.  We look at the most regular ones received.

Voice mail scams
Scammers are leaving people voicemail messages threatening the recipients with arrest due to an unknown tax debt or suspected tax evasion. The scammers claim to be from the ATO and many threaten that a warrant for the person’s arrest will be issued if they do not call the scammer back on the phone number provided.

Email scams
Scammers are sending fake ATO emails asking completion of a ‘tax refund review’ form to receive a refund. The form asks for online banking credentials, credit card numbers and limits, and personal address information. Do not click nor save the attachment as it may download malicious malware onto your computer. Do not disclose the personal information the form is requesting.

This scam email:

  • misleadingly includes the Australian Taxation Office logo
  • does not address the recipient by name
  • is not sent from a legitimate sender
  • is unexpected
  • contains poor grammar
  • asks you to click a link that appears to be the ATO website but when hovering over the link it does not lead to an address

If you receive any correspondence from the ATO that doesn’t ‘look quite right’, please feel free to contact our office for us to identify  if what you’ve received is legitimate.