Are there benefits of having a myGov Account?

The main benefits of having a myGov Account linked to the ATO, are the following:

  • A secure way to access ATO services online:

myGov gives you a way to access and use ATO services online without having to go through the painful experience of calling them and being placed on hold for sometimes, very lengthy periods of time;

  • myGov keeps your ATO correspondence secure:

There can be lots of important letters, emails and notices to read when it comes to ATO correspondence and communications.

myGov keeps all of these records safe in your myGov Inbox and will notify you via either an SMS or email when a new letter or message has been sent to your Inbox, so that you won’t miss anything. You will then need to sign into your myGov account to view the correspondence mentioned.

  • ATO reminders and notices:

There are lots of important tax-related notices you might receive throughout the year. Your myGov Inbox keeps all these notices together for you and will also remind you if any payments are due, so that you can be sure to make any payments due, on time, and not incur any late payment penalties.

Examples of ATO communications sent directly to your myGov Inbox include the following:

Notices, such as ‘Notices of Assessment’;

Statements of Account;

Confirmation and Reminder Notices;

Activity Statements or Instalment Notices.

So, if you haven’t already done so, we would encourage you to create a myGov account and link it to the ATO.

If you require assistance with your myGov Inbox or ATO messages, you can call the myGov help desk on 13 23 07.



Lynne Linton