Apps to assist in keeping your receipts

To make your life a little easier at tax time we have found two great apps you can download on any smart phone. Below I have summarised these apps and what they offer.

Driversnote App

If you have been needing to log your work related kms or even been advised that a logbook could open you up to extra tax savings, then this app might be for you. Importantly, this logbook has been confirmed that it is ATO compliant.

The downfall is you will need to add your name, email address and a password before you can use this it. This app will also ask you to allow access to location (only if you would like the app to track your kms instead of adding point to point destinations).

Once you are ready to complete your tax return you can send your accountant a copy of your kms travelled via email through the app.

This app allows you to add a work related trip 3 different ways:

  1. Start Tracking a Trip (GPS and location access required)
  2. Create a manual Trip
  3. Add odometer Reading

If you would like to download and use this app the link is below.


Australian Taxation Office App

Under ‘myDeductions” section of this app you have the option to do the following: 

  • Add Expenses (Work related or business)
  • Add Trip (It also has the same options as the Driversnote app)
  • Add Business Income and expenses
  • Capture Receipt


When adding an expense you can choose the percentage claimable and if you have set up a small business you can choose if it’s for business or employer expense and what type of expense it relates to.

The Capture receipt function eliminates receipts fading and they can be backed up to the cloud which means you will never lose your receipts again.

The beauty of this app is that you do not have to sign up or put your TFN in, you can set this up with as little or as much of your personal information as you want.

Once you have completed inputting the years expenses you can send across all the information, through the app, directly to us via email.

If you would like to download the ATO App click on the link below



Natasa Briffa