Anzac Day & Dawn Services

It is often suggested that the Dawn Service observed on Anzac Day has its origins in a military routine still followed by the Australian Army. The half-light of dawn was one of the times favoured for launching an attack. Soldiers in defensive positions were woken in the dark before dawn, so by the time first light crept across the battlefield they were awake, alert, and manning their weapons; this is still known as the “stand-to”. As dusk is equally favourable for battle, the stand-to was repeated at sunset.

Today’s dawn services include the presence of a chaplain, but generally not of dignitaries. Originally, the services were simple, and usually followed the military routine. Before dawn, those who had gathered would stand while two minutes’ silence was held. At the end of this time a lone bugler would play the Last Post and then conclude the service with Reveille, the bugler’s call to wake up.

In recent times more families and young people have taken part in dawn services across Australia. Reflecting this change, some services have become more elaborate, incorporating hymns, readings, pipers, and rifle volleys. Other services, though, have retained the simple format of the dawn stand-to familiar to so many soldiers.



Dawn Service:
• 5.20 am Service begins at Lions Park Kings Beach.
• 6.30am Gunfire Breakfast afterwards at RSL Club.
Veterans March
• March Form-Up 8.30am Stockland Shopping Centre Carpark. 
• Step off 9.30am.

Dawn Service:
• 5.00am Gather Sea Cove Resort Road.
• 5.20am Service begins on arrival of Veterans at Cenotaph 1906 David Low Way. After Service Refreshments at RSL Memorial Hall 1906 David Low Way.
Note: The Dawn Service is the only service held by Coolum-Peregian RSL Sub-Branch.

Dawn Service:-
• 4.45am Coffee Kawana Waters Surf Club, Pacific Boulevard Buddina.
• 5.15am Move to War Memorial;
• 5.28am Service begins.
• After service a light breakfast is available.
Main Service:
• 10.30am Wreath layers report to Mr Rob Hunt at the Sub Branch War Memorial.
• 10.30am Assemble grassed area opposite Pacific Blvd & Weema St Intersection.
• 10.40am March-off.
• 11.00am Service begins.
• After Service Refreshments free to Sub Branch Members

Dawn Service:
• 4.10am Gather at Memorial Hall.
• 4.28am Service begins.
• Followed by Gunfire Breakfast.
Special Services:
• 9.15am at Witta Cemetery 
• 9.45am at Maleny Soldier’s Memorial Hospital.
Main Service:
• 10.15am Assemble at Watson’s Garage.
• 10.30am March-off.
• 10.45am Service begins.
• Lunch at RSL Memorial Hall

Dawn Service:
• 5.20am Gather at the Village Green Montville.
• 5.30am Service begins at Montville Memorial Gates adjacent Montville Hall.
Main Service:
• 8.30am March from Corner of Wilga Court & Flaxton Drive to Mapleton RSL Memorial Park.
• 9.00am Service begins.
• After Service Refreshments will be available.
• BBQ will be held at the Sports Ground behind Mapleton Hall.

Dawn Service:
• 4.15am Assemble at Cotton Tree Cenotaph on the Esplanade.
• 4.28am Service begins – a short service commemorating the ANZACS.
Main Service:
• 8.00am Assemble outside the Sub Branch.
• 8.30am March-off to Cenotaph.
• 9.00am Service begins on arrival of Veterans at Cenotaph.
• Wreath-Laying – Members of the Public are invited to lay a Tribute.
Please Note:
• Tickets for veterans and their partners only for the functions in Maroochy RSL Club on ANZAC Day are available now at the Sub Branch Office between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday.
• Out of Sub Branches hours tickets are available to purchase from Maroochy RSL Club. 
To purchase tickets please provide proof of service.

Dawn Service:
• 5.15am Assemble at Power Park Cenotaph.
• 5.30am Service begins.
• Gunfire Breakfast to follow.
Note: The Dawn Service is the only service held this year by Mudjimba RSL Sub-Branch.

Dawn Service:
• 5.15am Ex-Service Marchers assemble at WW1 Wall Ann St
• 5.15am Civilians assemble at Quota Memorial Park.
• 5.28am Step off for march to the Wall of Remembrance, Quota Memorial Park
• 5.29am Ex-Service marchers arrive the service commences.
Main Service:
• 8.20am Assemble at Ann St intersection and Howard St Nambour
• March to Quota Memorial Park Matthew St Nambour
• 9.00am Service begins on arrival of all marchers.
• Refreshments & Morning Tea available at RSL Club after service

Dawn Service:
• 5.15 am Form up in Sidoni Street and step off.
• 5.30am Dawn Service commences at Cenotaph.
Main Service:
• 8.45am Form-up in Sidoni Street.
• 9.00am March-off to Cenotaph
• 9.30am Service begins.
Please Note:
• Due to the popularity of the Club Venue on ANZAC Day Tickets must be pre-purchased for Functions at the Sub Branch.

Dawn Service:
• 4.00am Woodford Memorial Community Centre – Fellowship
• 4.45am Form-up for March at Woodford Memorial Community Centre.
• 4.50am March to Woodford Memorial Park.
• 5.00am Dawn Service.
• 5.30am Woodford Memorial Community Centre – Lower Level Gunfire breakfast
Woodford Cemetery:
• 6.00am Woodford Cemetery Poppy Service.
Mt Mee Lookout – Dawn Service
• 5.45am Gather at Mount Mee Dahmongah Lookout.
• 6.00am Dawn Service
• 6.45am Gunfire breakfast
Woodford Main Service:
• 10.00am Form-up for March – from Woodford Chemist to Western end of Archer Street.
• 10.15am March commences along Archer Street
• 10.30am Main Service [ Service is anticipated to last approximately 1 hour]

Dawn Service:
• 6.00am Service begins at Verrierdale Community Hall, Verrierdale Rd, Verrierdale.
Main Service:
• 10.40am – Form-up Car-Park in Farrell Street.
• 10.50am – March off to the War Memorial.
• 11.00am – Service begins