Checked Your mail?

If you have a myGov Account, it is very important that you check your Inbox regularly so that you don’t miss important notices, reminders and correspondence from the ATO.

If you have a myGov Account linked to the ATO, you will automatically receive your ATO mail via your myGov Inbox.

You can view your communications received from the ATO in your ‘Communication History’ in ATO online services, through your myGov Account.

Examples of ATO communications sent directly to your myGov Inbox include the following:

  • Notices, such as ‘Notices of Assessment’
  • Statements of Account
  • Confirmation and Reminder Notices
  • Activity Statements or Instalment Notices

Checking your Inbox regularly will assist you to avoid late payments and other actions required by the ATO being missed, which could lead to negative consequences down the track.

Generally, you should receive emails or SMS notifications to let you know there are new messages in your myGov Inbox.

Please note that we do not access or forward ATO correspondence to Clients with myGov Accounts, as they receive their correspondence directly into their myGov Inboxes from the ATO. Therefore, if you aren’t checking this regularly, you could be missing important notifications that require action.

If you require assistance with your myGov Inbox or ATO messages, you can call the myGov help desk on 13 23 07.



Lynne Linton