Care Quarterly Newsletter

CARE Quarterly Newsletter – June 2016


  • Britain’s surprise referendum vote to leave the European Union has unnerved the US Federal Reserve leading to no change in interest rates
  • Australian interest rates to move lower
  • Global share markets stronger following the fall in short and long term interest rates


CARE Quarterly Newsletter – March 2016


  • Market turbulence has unnerved the US Federal Reserve and led to a deferral of its planned interest rate rise in the first quarter of 2016. High debt is still likely to drag on US growth for many years but there is enough strength to stay out of recession.
  • Reflation policies in China gaining traction
  • Australian interest rates likely moving lower after low inflation report
  • Europe and Japan push further into negative interest rate territory
  • Australian and International share markets stabilise following a bounce in energy and commodity prices


CARE Quarterly Newsletter – January 2016


  • Global debt remains too high forcing a low growth world
  • US Federal Reserve raised its official interest rate
  • China unlikely to fall into recession but sputtering
  • Europe and Japan’s money printing will continue for a number more years


CARE Quarterly Newsletter – Sept 2015


  • Global economy continues to grow at a below trend pace
  • US growth has averaged 2.3% over the first half of the year and is unlikely to accelerate meaning-fully
  • Euro area growth has been spurred by a drop in the price of oil
  • Japanese economy will continue to face a number of challenges
  • PBOC cut its interest rate for the fifth time