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At Initiative, we are here to guide you through the various twists and turns which make up the various stages of your life. We all know that no matter which stage you are in, your needs and priorities are different ; That’s when you will need the integrity, intuition and information from Initiative to prepare you for that next stage..!

Our Clients

Our Value To You

It is important for you to know that, firstly, your initial financial planning consultation is absolutely free. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your current circumstances with you to see where we could assist you in your endeavour to achieve wealth. Secondly, it is important for you to know that you will never pay any investment or superannuation commissions while using any of our services.  Where any are received, they will be credited to you or your fees will be reduced accordingly.

As Chartered Accountants we have naturally evolved into a proactive and forward thinking company with a positive mindset. The cross pollination of our two specialties means we have the information, know-how and resources to plan for the diversity of our ever-growing client base. Our mission is to be your trusted advice team by assisting you to build wealth, make tax savingsand make smart decisions about the money you already have.

We will create and maintain a clear financial plan for you:

  • We look at where you are now in fine detail
  • We then move on to where you would like to be and provide you with clearly defined goals
  • We then develop and implement the strategies, actions and investments needed to get you there

We provide ongoing coaching, mentoring, advice and administrative support:

  • To make sure you continue to take the right actions and make the correct decisions
  • To make you accountable to yourself in order to achieve the goals you have developed with us
  • To make your financial success an easier journey and a positive experience

To get started on your pathway to financial success click here to request your Free initial financial planning consultation.